When what you see is what you become

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There’s an octopus in here. Can you see it?

My friend KE and I went to breakfast this morning and I told her about my upcoming talk for Ignite Raleigh.

D: It’s called ‘Fuzzy Quantum Pop.’
K: What’s that about?
D: Well—there was this quantum physicist, Max Planck, who said, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”
K: Okay.
D: The idea… you know, that physical particles actually change when your perception skews, that really psyches me up.
K: …
D: …
K: Have you seen this octopus video?

Prepping for my Ignite Raleigh talk

I’m getting my talk together on the heels of TILU, which I have to say was totally fun. Thanks to everyone who made it out last night! Pics to come shortly from the amazing local photographer Jamila Davenport of OMNI Photography, who also documented SCALE.

More about my science talk FUZZY QUANTUM POP is here.

If you’re a visual and aural person, this video will give you an idea of the crux of the talk’s idea:

DRIFT by Dipika Kohli

Come out to hear it this THURSDAY at Ignite Raleigh.

By Dipika Kohli
Thursday, February 16


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