5 days at the foot of the Smoky Mountains

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Asheville North Carolina

I took a solo trip to get some inspiration.

Didn’t want to drive, or go on the train to somewhere “busy.” Manhattan. Boston. You know what I mean.


So I caught the Greyhound west to Asheville. It was about $50 each way, and took about 3 hours.

Not bad.

I did encounter some folks that Megabus advocates would call “sketchy,” as in people carrying their stuff in garbage bags instead of Samsonite.

But that’s what I love about Greyhound and The Road. You just never know what you’re going to find.

Loved the botanical gardens at UNC-A, though it was a little car-ish for me to get there. Went up to Beaver Lake, delighted in Rosetta’s Kitchen, good company at Sky Bar, hit the Chocolate Lounge, also really enjoyed The Thirsty Monk and said hi from The Stumbling Monk in Seattle since I was on a mission to do that as part of my trip. (The Thirsty Monk’s owner used to work for Stumbling, our local out there for 6 years.)

Shout outs to LH at Malaprops and JB, my classmate at NCSSM, whom I hadn’t seen since, gosh, the 10-year reunion.

Refreshed from a visit of doing nothing but admiring mountain sunsets, staying out past 7pm, and being able to complete a conversation without a toddler cutting in. Also, quiet space alone, somewhere else, is always good for mixing it up.

Thanks, Asheville! I will someday be back!

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