‘Counting the Ways’ opens Friday at Shoebox

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I made this just now:

Counting the Ways a play at Shoebox Theatre

It was inspired by this poster I… wanted to do a DK take on, you could say.

See, I walked by this cute little theatre called “Shoebox” this afternoon. The weather was gorgeous so I went for an afternoon stroll.

Shoebox. I can’t get over how cute this theatre is, even though I’ve never been in.

But they have play opening!

Called “Counting the Ways.”

It’s written by Edward Albee and directed by Keith Hazen-Diehm.

Apparently a he-says, she-says “series of sketches on the theme of a man and woman who probe into the nature of their love for one another.”

Love. *Sigh*.

Counting the Ways
Cast: Macall Gordon, Robert Hankins
The Shoebox
1404 18th Ave.
Seattle, WA 98122-4126
Friday, January 30: 8pm
Saturday, January 31: 8pm
Friday, February 6: 8pm
Saturday, February 7: 8pm

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