Broader View continues with ‘Breathe’

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Breathe by the Broader View

Gobo Enterprises, one of our clients from this summer, is hosting an event on Tuesday, October 14 called ‘Breathe.’

Gobo’s carried out the brand identity theme Design Kompany set up for their inaugural workshop, The Broader View, an in-city retreat event just for women this past June.

It’s neat to see that titles of some of Gobo’s upcoming workshops—such as ‘Celebrate,’ ‘Connect,’ and ‘Dare’—came right of of the ‘keywords’ session of DK’s design process. It was quite fun to brainstorm with Gobo’s team to come up with the right words to build the brand design for The Broader View.

I love to see our clients build and expand on the work they do with us. We’re here to inspire you to get creative in your own ways.

Here’s what Gobo says about Breathe:

Are you stressed, tired, wondering how you'll get it all done? Feel challenged by work, health and personal commitments?

You need to breathe.

Really breathe.

Join us for an exploration of the mind-body-spirit connections between your life and your breath.

Special guests are uthor Catherine Meeks and physician Angelique Murphy.

presented by Gobo Enterprises
Tuesday, October 14 :: 2 to 5pm
Columbia Tower Club
Tix: $100

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