10 Top Naming Mistakes by Interbrand

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Thinking of rebranding? A great starting point is the international brand agency Interbrand‘s free online guide, ’10 Top Naming Mistakes.’

My favorite is #3: “Keeping a brand name that is no longer relevant because you are afraid to alienate its current user base.” Is that a problem? Deffo. Rebranding is a chance to reconsider everything, including where the opportunities for new (and possibly more $$$lucrative ) markets might lie.

Naming Mistakes outlined by Interbrand 2007

Branding agencies like Interbrand and yours truly at Design Kompany generally work towards the same goal: getting to the heart of your brand message.

That starts right away with a name.

DK’s now in the midst of brainstorming a bunch of new name ideas for a Seattle software company, which is really engaging and exciting. A couple of years ago DK came up with the name Flow for a line of glass sinks. I still really like that one. In this day and age when everyone’s bombarded by everything, getting something to stick takes extra special attention.

What are some of your favorite names? What makes them special to you? –DK

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