‘Vibe’ Spectrum

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Spectrum of News LogosAs part of our ongoing rebrand for the Seattle International District’s Northwest Asian Weekly, I needed to figure out just how airy and light a look would be OK. Contemporary. Clean. Fresh. All of these are great words, but they could apply to rebrands of… well, appliances. And anyway, a hefty chunk of Asian Weekly ‘s content is business, news and politics.

What kind of vibe does the NWAW want to convey? Didn’t know. So I made this spectrum of other news media’s logos to ask where along the line the Asian Weekly would want to be.

Notice there are no “units” to this “graph.” But everyone got it intuitively. And the numeric answer gave us more information than any five-hour words-only interview possibly could have done. So there you have it, ladies and gentlemen. The “vibe” spectrum. Just another one of our in-house inventions to draw out the look and feel for your new brand.-DK

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