When you aren’t open

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The number one trait that we look for when interviewing a potential new client is openness.

Open to ideas. Open to new thinking. Being interested in at least hearing outside points of view. Undogmatic, if you will.

Just open.

I was reminded of this today.

When you aren't open
Close-mindedness is the dealbreaker.

Today I was having afternoon tea in the sun at a cafe in walking distance from the world headquarters of DK.

I couldn’t help overhearing another conversation, so when there was a small break, I addressed the elder gentleman.

Me: Excuse me. Did you say you are self-employed?
Him: Yes. I have three businesses. Two in Bangladesh, and one in Germany. We’re so busy, I have to turn business away.
Me:: You might be interested in this thing we’re doing on Thursday, a roundtable on
Him: No. [Pause] But what is it?
Me:: Well. A roundtable. It’s about the idea of growth. As in, why do people grow their business?
Him: [Looking ahead.] To make money.
Me: …
Him: Isn’t that the only reason?
Me: Not anymore.

Different values, different life paths

Being a member of Generation X, where things more valued than moneymaking include belonging and self-esteem, you can see where discrepancies would arise.

At the end of the day, what legacy do you want to leave?

When you define what it is that you want out of life, whose book are you writing?

If it isn’t yours, maybe you should start a new draft.

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