Announcing SCALE: a roundtable on growing businesses

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Why are we doing this, anyways?

SCALE: a roundtable on growth. Thursday, October 20, 6pm at Rigsbee Hall
Next Thursday! 6 pm at Rigsbee Hall in downtown Durham.

UPDATE: A couple of changes to the lineup of panelists below. Welcome on board, Ann and Aaron!

This one’s been cooking for a while.

Back in February, inspired after having extensive discussions with our dear clients Green Plus and Snaptotes about their respective businesses, we started to talk, internally, about how we ought to approach our growth as a company.

Not that we ever had a clear model for this. At the same time around, we kept hearing about businesses faltering, people being laid off and getting new jobs with “growing” companies that were sometimes the same company that fired someone else we knew earlier. The “boom and bust” cycle is nothing new, especially to our (marketing and advertising) industry, but more we thought about it, more we realized there just aren’t many good example for us to follow.

But I knew there are smart people out there, creating new models for growth and scalability. So we decided to ask some business leaders from diverse backgrounds to chat with us around this idea.

Six incredibly cool people agreed to be on the panel:

We want to have an open, honest conversation around this, with people from all kinds of backgrounds, roles, and inclination towards various modes of scale.

So, whether you are a budding entrepreneur, an artist hungry for wider audience, a cubicle dweller with a dream and a mortgage, seasoned business person, or a curious student: please join us and share your thoughts. This will be really cool, educational, and fun. We’re excited!

SCALE: a roundtable
:: Thursday, Oct. 20
:: 6:00–7:30 pm
:: Rigsbee Hall
:: 208 Rigsbee Avenue, downtown Durham

Here’s the RSVP link:

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