Notes on Finishing Up

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Finish!This month we’re wrapping up new logo designs for two clients. One is a restaurant owner, the other a glass artist. I’ll post the finals and tell you how we got to them once they’re officially approved.

Just like finding the right personal “look,” branding a new business means getting to think about all the possibilities, try out styles you’d never think of, and see what fits. Of course, starting is one of the funnest parts. In brainstorming with clients, we explore very abstract veins, and bend sideways what’s normally straight-on.

But the best part of a branding project is getting it done. Nothing beats unveling a new visual identity that a client is really proud of. After all, finding the right images for businesses is what inspired Design Kompany in the first place.

Oh, and a quick note about this sketch. It’s a cleaning product I found in a borrowed flat in Florence. In the same sketchbook I have another marker drawing: a still life of a corkscrew and two knots of garlic.

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