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ALL GREAT design starts with a strong concept.

Design Kompany specializes in coming up with yours.

Since 2005 we’ve worked with more than 500 people in Europe, Asia, and both US coasts. Our two-person team has been based in: Cork, Seattle, Durham NC. We are now in Cambodia’s Phnom Penh.

A few select projects:






More projects and the stories of how we got there

  • Aerial Treeworks. A Durham, NC, preservation company asked DK to refine its brand identity design. We put their extraordinary, internationally acclaimed expertise in the visual spotlight. They showed us how to climb.
  • Avenue Medical Products. A seasoned Seattle CEO trusted us to come up with a unified image for his startup brand. “I really am pleased with the work the three of us did. The logo is a perfect fit.” —Dave Eva. See the logotype, business cards, stationery and embossed folder we made for Avenue Medical Products.
  • Allied Arts of Seattle. A placemaking advocacy nonprofit appreciated the new, simple statement we found to help them talk more clearly about what they do. “Setting out to launch a new organization, our board and staff were appropriately all over the map about what we’d call it. Design Kompany gave us synergistic tools to get us all to the same place and of the same mind. We wouldn’t be who we are without Design Kompany’s expertise and facilitation.” —David Yeaworth. See our brand messaging work for Allied Arts.
  • Blitz! Revamping the colorful Capitol Hill Arts Walk in Seattle in a collaboration with local artists and shopkeepers meant thinking together to find a singular vision. Read the story of Blitz!
  • Barka Lounge. An initial request, “Can you draw a dog?,” and what came together after that. Read the Portland, OR, story of Barka’s “nightclub” look.
  • The Broader View. An exclusive invitation for women in Seattle required a very special design. DK created the branding, envelopes, and invitation designs. “Thank you again for your patience and creativity in guiding the design process and for producing such beautiful branding for us.” —Karen Armstead. See it here.
  • Capitol Hill Chamber of Commerce. A new director for the Seattle neighborhood of Capitol Hill’s chamber of commerce asked us to put some energy into the new look and feel. See our work to rebrand the Capitol Hill Chamber
  • D+A Studio. A San Juan Island, WA, architecture studio needed to refresh its image with a youthful, but modern and professional, design. Discover how we came up with this suite of eyecatching marketing materials.
  • Green Plus. Durham, North Carolina-based nonprofit Green Plus needed to help many kinds of audiences understand its work, from multiple angles. We helped them find a simple tag, “Nuts and bolts of doing green,” and a clean brochure to streamline the message. Check it out here.
  • Gnomedex. A giant conference for tech bloggers in Seattle asked DK to simplify its program layout. Five of us, working in different time zones, collaborated virtually to create this.
  • Group 3 Architects, LLC. A startup architecture firm hired DK to find its new “look and feel.” “Thank you so much for all your hard work, everything came together so well :)” —Anna Mihkels. See it here.
  • Gupta Insurance & Financial Services. A family business in Los Angeles trusted DK to find its new branding for a relaunch of an insurance advisory service. See the story here.
  • Healthcare Vouchers. How do you take a complex idea that’s meant to initiate a political bill and collapse it in two words? See our work to simplify the message for Dr. Ezekiel Emmanuel’s healthcare reform idea.
  • Hindsight. An Oregon veterinarian changing address approached DK for a brand refresh. In the process, we found his clinic’s new brand design and name. “Money well spent! Thanks again for such terrific work. It all looks great! The envelopes look especially cool, really eye-catching and novel. Cheers all around and thanks for the millionth time.” —Dr. Michael Salewski. See the story here
  • Loom, a foundation. A Seattle philanthropist hired DK to explore with them to find a visually compelling brand identity. In the process, we discovered its new name. “We are thankful for you both and the great help you have been to us! What we did for Loom was wonderful on so many levels, and I ADORE the results!”—Karen Hust. See the work here.
  • Matchbox Mobile. A Brighton, UK-based software developer with Seattle ties approached us while we were based there for a website design. A tough-to-remember name was a key concern, and in our sessions to draw a new brand identity, we found a new name, too. “You guys really helped us out with finding our niche.” —Richard Stott. See the case study in depth here.
  • Miyabi. A Japanese restaurant in Tukwila, WA, looked to DK for a fresh, fun brand identity design. See the much-admired results at this post, One fish, blue fish.
  • MILA. A Duke University software app design project found its name and brand story through a DK-guided and designed collaboration. See the story here.
  • Million Monarchs. A Portland, OR, entrepreneur needed a memorable name and strong branding for his startup renewable energy company. “You guys rock!”—Sean Patrick, of Million Monarchs.
  • New Hope Acupuncture. Finding a new brand identity story started with getting our first needle treatments. Read the full brand design case study story here.
  • Northwest Asian Weeky. A community paper in Seattle asked DK to refresh its page design. We created a sharp, energized new brand identity for NWAW, a “window to the world.” “I love working with the new design–it’s much more beautiful and easier to assemble as well. —Ann-Marie Stillon.
  • Real Science. Needing items to hand out at a trade show, this postcard and business card set came together to appeal to the curious-minded.
  • Write with Meaning. A Seattle writing coach wanted to bring a freshness to her image. Through play and discovery in our first few meetings, settled on this look that makes just about everyone smile. See our most commented-on work here.

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